my love for you is beyond compare!

dear khalifi the one i love..
this is message from the bottom of my heart to the one i share my joy,my sadness & my happiness..
THE FIRST TIME i saw u,the bell were ringing & i decided to buat xtahu...hahahaha
but who knows what i was thinking..i knew u were the one right from beginning,that we are meant together..
and till today the bells are still ringing..

as a couple,problems we share,occasional squabbles we can't spare,loving each other is our daily affair.always there for each other,for better,worst or despair..AS WE CELEBRATE LOVE IN THE AIR,now blessed with a responsibilities to care.ONCE again 1 wish to DECLARE:
                                 I LOVE KHALIFI...
my dearest,
my endless love would never end till God takes one of us to seat beside HIM.sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder,but thanks god wan can still get closer...........

from ur sayang...

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